Ksenya Nikora
Ksenya Nikora
The vocalist and front leader of the band Nikorason'g, Ksenia Nikora, has a special acting sensitivity - both to the material that is selected in the repertoire, and to her addressee, the viewer, capturing the mood, responding to his every emotion, and returning it, even richer and more filled.

A singer, author and performer, she is inspired by the work of artists such as Sting, Sade, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Susana Baca, Cesaria Evora, Luis Miguel, Omara Portuondo. In general, Latin American music had a huge impact on the formation of the singer's taste and style. For many years, Ksenia has been writing songs in creative tandem with her husband, musician and composer, Sergei Bilchenko.

The musical style of the singer and her band can be described as a mixture of Latin-Jazz, Soul, Smooth-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Fusion with elements of pop music.

During the existence of the band, which turned 16 in 2021, ’Nikorason'g” performed on many festival stages of Moldova, such as “Gustar”, “Faces of friends”, “Ethno Jazz”, “Drum Day”, took part in many cultural events of the country.

At the moment, Ksenia Nikora and the musicians are working on the release of an album in the style of Latin-Jazz, which will include hits of Latin American music. In parallel with the work on the album, the artists are working on releasing releases of original compositions in English, Spanish and Russian.
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Ksenya Nikora
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Ksenya Nikora
Ksenya Nikora
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